Organizational Design and Leadership Theory

Organizational Design and Leadership Theory

For this assignment, you will discuss leadership theories and review the concepts of an organization’s mission, structure, and key roles. Submit a minimum two page report that includes the following information:

  • Explain the different theories in leadership.
    • Provide a description (primary characteristics and factors) of different theories. For example, trait, behavioral, transactional, situational, contingency, etc.
    • Compare one of the theories to an organization you have worked for or had experience with.
  • Examine leadership as a process of design and its effectiveness and relation to structure and roles.
    • Discuss the organization’s design and how it lays out the foundation for an organization to operate.
    • Explain why an organizational should have a structure.
  • Search for an existing company mission and rewrite it.
  • Sample Mission: “It is our mission to provide exceptional customer service and establish long term relationship with our clients, with integrity and honesty.”
  • Discuss why your mission statement is an improvement to the existing one.
  • Include an APA formatted title page and reference page to document your sources.



writing  paper  intro to organizational leadership

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 Leadership is one of the disciplines that have many theories due to its dynamism in practice and also given the fact that the way people do things keeps on changing and therefore they may need to be led differently (Schyns & Riggio, 2016). Leadership theories can be classified into five main categories as discussed below. The first category is the trait theories. The trait theories argue that leaders have unique inborn characteristics that distinguish them from ………………………..

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