organizational management and leadership

organizational management and leadership

For this Discussion, select one of the tools listed in the Learning Resources: strategic planning, re-engineering, quality management, benchmarking, team management, and leveraging the private sector. Research scholarly articles or free media such as Ted Talksrelated to your chosen innovation tool that shows the tool being used in a public or nonprofit organization.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 a summary of the article or source you chose about your innovation tool. Then explain challenges related to use of the tool. Explain the benefits and costs related to use of the tool you identified.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and other current literature in the Walden Library.

 Public Administration organizational management and leadership

1pg, ref and cite the source

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Innovation and Organizational Management

Innovation is presently perceived as central to achievement in the business world of the twenty-first century where most of the firms have started re-evaluating their products as well as services and operations for the development of a culture of innovation. The market is fast moving thus the need to have the longevity that prompts the need to re-examine the organizational culture because of the recognition of the need to develop a culture of innovation within the organization to ensure the longevity the organization seeks. The innovation tools to use varies from one organization to the other and include the soft and the hard techniques where the soft tools include the people management, customer focus, and………..

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