What does ISO stands for

What does ISO stands for


Week 3 – OSI Model

1. What does ISO stands for ?

2. What does OSI stands for?

3. List all of the OSI layers and name the devices and protocols that operates on each of them?

4. What does DNS do and what layer does it operates?

5. What does ARP stands for?

6. In which of the layers the three Han-shake happens?


Answer Preview………..

The OSI model is made up of seven networking layers. The layers include the physical layer which is responsible for transmitting signals between the mediums of communication. Data link layer transforms bits (1s and 0s) and controls all access to the network. Network layer determines the best channel for the nodes to use by controlling the packets route. Transport layer enhances the flow of information and is responsible for splitting data from the session layer into small buts that are easily transferred. The session layer manages all communications between systems in the network. The presentation layer is responsible for managing the syntax of all information being transferred in the network. The application layer carries all protocols used in the network such as email and file transfer…..

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