Out For a Drink Dilemma

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Out For a Drink Dilemma

The following case study focuses on identifying and describing how community values and expectations influence personal values and dispositions. Complete the following for this assignment:


Rewatch the University of Phoenix – Ethics: Out for a Drink video if necessary.

Complete the guiding questions to explain your approach and rationale.

Submit your individual responses to your facilitator.


Answer the following four questions to complete the case study. Each response should be at least 150 words in length.

 If you were Linda, how would you handle the situation?

  1. Which ethical theory or theories support your approach? Why?
  1. Which domain (dispositions or law) does your response lean more closely toward? Why?
  1. How does this situation depict how community values and expectations influence personal values and dispositions?

Preview of the answer..

It is very clear and evident from the case above that what Linda is basically facing is an Ethical Dilemma. However, Aroskar (1980), states an ethical dilemma as a condition that demands a human being to make choices amongst similarly adverse alternatives. Each and every day the entire world generally deals with diverse types of ethical dilemmas. Similarly this is also experienced within learning institutions. However, when this occurs people are required to make the very best rational decisions..

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