Outline – Dangers of overpopulation

Outline – Dangers of overpopulation

An Essay with outline in the first page and the three other pages about the topic. Also Works Cited page in another page doesn’t includes to the three pages of the essay and the outline paper. Please pay attention in the thesis statements.

Also, write about the solution and why we should to care about Dangerous over the population.

 Accademic High school Why we should care  Solutions for that proplem description 3 pages, Single Spacing
I believe the topic should read Dangers of overpopulation or Dangerous overpopulation, the student must have wrote it wrongly so write in this perspsective
MLA style
use several works cited and cite them in text in MLA
Essay should be 3 pages single spaced, about 1650 words
Answer preview…………

Thesis statement: There is much important to care about overpopulation due to the adverse effects that are associated with this issue as well as have solutions to solve the problem of over or increase in population…………

APA 782 words

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