outline the opportunities for and threats to H-D that its closest foreign

outline the opportunities for and threats to H-D that its closest foreign

  • From the case study and first e-Activity, outline the opportunities for and threats to H-D that its closest foreign competitor poses. Propose the strategic manner in which you, as a manager, would use the information that you have outlined to your advantage.
  • From the second e-Activity, examine two (2) instances when multinational companies have used offensive or defensive competitive strategies. Determine the major advantages that global companies would have over domestic competitors in sustaining competitive advantage as a result of using offensive or defensive competitive strategies.

this is the e activity details:

  • Imagine that you work as a manager for Harley-Davidson (H-D), and the president of the company has tasked you with researching its top U.S. and foreign competitors. Use the Internet to research one (1) U.S. competitor of H-D. Next, use the Internet to locate one (1) foreign-made motorcycle that is a close competitor of H-D. Be prepared to discuss.
  • Sometimes international business is just like a board game. One (1) company adds new features and another attacks by dropping its prices to compete with its rival. Use the Internet to locate three (3) articles within international newspapers or e-zines that depict incidences of select offensive or defensive competitive behavior strategies that the textbook has examined. Be prepared to discuss.

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BMW is one the foreign competitors of Harley Davidson, the threats that BMW poses is that it has an equally good brand image in Europe, it is also producing low cost motorcycles that consume less fuel which are in the 500 cc+ range and customizes  its marketing strategies to attract Harley-Davidson clients (Forbes, 2016). On the other hand, one opportunity that Harley-Davidson has is the fact that the improvement in the European market will see an increase in the GDP and the European population will increase its spending to that of luxury motorcycles which Harley-Davidson manufactures. Another opportunity for Harley-Davidson is the fact that it enjoys a much better market share in Europe compared to BMW which it could use to its advantage in the improving economic

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