outlines for three articles

outlines for three articles

Hi Henry I want to do outlines for these 3 topics each one different outline. I want you follow the promote to do it when you read the promote I want you just ignore ” half biilion of straws “. I want you follow it and do it for each one different outline. I want you please do not use a high language.

the articles : I fell for facebook fake news https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2018/10/18/i-fell-facebook-fake-news-heres-why-millions-you-did-too/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.10d41d4c8c73

The flip side of fake news https://www.proquest.com/blog/pqblog/2017/The-Flipside-of-Fake-News-Appreciating-Responsible-Journalism.html

fake news conundrum will be upload it.

HTM  San Diego State University

please do not use a high language

write plainly, use basic words


Answer Preview…………….

Analytical Review of an Article – Outline

  1. Introduction: The consumption of news items is an important part of human activities and one that is used by people to gain knowledge of the events that are happening in their society. It is the reason why television and journalist captivated their audience with the news information. However, it is necessary for people to learn the methods for using the contents of the news to improve their critical thinking capacity as consumers and producers of the information.

Thesis statement: The author of the article used anecdote, personal experience, statistics,


APA 538 words

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