My Overall Writing Experience in this Course

My Overall Writing Experience in this Course

This assignment asks us to format our final course reflection into a memo like we did at midterm. So, this assignment must be set up per the genre conventions of a memo: it must have a bolded header with TO, FROM, DATE, and SUBJECT setup. Also, paragraphs must be single spaced with one space in between; do not indent the first lines of paragraphs. This assignment should be about two pages in length and of course, as per MLA format rules, use 12 point, Times New Roman font, with one inch margins.

First in your memo, thoroughly discuss the attachment that I put there for my writing exercise (put into paragraph form here).

Then, for Papers 1-5, write a short paragraph for each that explains what you changed/revised in the paper for the final Portfolio.

2 full PAGES single spaced

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As a good listener and reader of different types of publications, I do not consider writing as a necessary skill, especially when thoughts of dealing with the process of articulating my thoughts into the production of materials that readers can enjoy. It is this perspective that informed my desire to participate in this course since the subjects, topics, assignments, and writing exercises would contribute to the acquisition of the basic competencies for effective and efficient written communication. However, my desire changed during the completion of the five papers that were assigned for the course as the efforts used for researching various topics resulted in the need to learn different writing methods and apply a variety techniques. While reflecting on some of the strategies adopted during these exercises, I observed that my focus was to use the allocated time for each task to nurture my strengths and improve my weaknesses as both a researcher and writer. The primary goal was to learn techniques and methods that would result in papers that meet the needs of their respective target audiences………..

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