Pandemic 2 Game Strategy

Pandemic 2 Game Strategy

Please type in the Subject line your TOPIC: Virus or Bacteria. Review the instructions for the Pandemic Simulation.

Go to:

(Nothing to download and no fee.)

In the next window, click on the word “Play” below the monkey’s face to launch the game Pandemic 2.

Your job is to annihilate the planet. Can you wipe out the world? Pick your type of infection. Run the simulation to completion (takes about half an hour but feel free to complete it as many times as you like). Each time you play and modify parameters, the simulation will respond to the changes. Each simulation will be unique.

DQ Initial Post:
When you are done, include a screen shot of your world (picture of some sort) as an attachment to your post and answer the following:

1) What was your strategy?
2) Describe the lethality, infectivity and visibility of your infection.
3) What were your symptoms?
4) How effective were you?
5) Did you modify your strategy over the course of the simulation? If so, how and did it help you?
6) What would you do differently to infect more people?
7) Do you think it would make a difference if you picked a different means of infection (virus, bacteria, or protozoa)?

(No web source for this post, your screenshot/picture counts for these points.)

To create screen shots of the results, follow this procedure:

1. Have the final score summary on the screen. Make sure to click on the screen with the mouse.

2. Press the Alt and Print Screen SysRq buttons at the same time.

3. Press Ctrl and C buttons at the same time.

4. Open Microsoft Word, and click in the new document. Now press Ctrl and V at the same time, and the test result sheet should appear on the Microsoft Word page.

*If your test result page does not paste into the Word document, begin the process again. However, try the Ctrl and Prnt Scrn buttons at the same time, or for newer computers, press the Fn and F11 buttons at the same time for step 2.

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Answer preview…………

Pandemic 2 is an intriguing game. My strategy was to keep the visibility of the disease as low as possible and infect islands first so that I can increase the chances of infecting everyone in the world. I also focused on the timely reaction to natural events which allowed me to capitalize on the transmission. Elsewhere, the lethality of my infection grew with the days in the game. Unfortunately, visibility also increased with time such that by the end of the game, both were around halfway. Infectivity was very high due to my strategy of using approaches that capitalized on strategic areas of infection. To reduce visibility, I started with sneezing and sweating. However, when visibility increased, I also increased the symptoms and included coughing, fever, and vomiting. In Tier II, I chose pulmonary edema because I felt that it was an effective way of killing the subjects………

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