Paramount Pictures

Company name: Paramount Pictures

Executive Summary: Focus on the major market opportunity and the key elements of the marketing plan that are designed to capitalize on the opportunity. Included in this section is an introduction to the marketing opportunity, the major aspects of the marketing plan, and a budget statement.

Introduction: Discusses the purpose of the report, how it is organized, and what will be covered in the subsequent sections. For new products, this section explains the product concept and why it is expected to be successful. For existing products, the major focus is on the brand’s performance in the last 3-5 years. Use of charts and graphs to illustrate performance.

Situation Analysis: Focuses on the most critical and relevant information that will affect the success or failure of the proposed plan. Discussion of the competitive environment/competitive analysis, and other environmental factors such as economic, technology, legal, political, government, or social/societal changes. Include a SWOT Analysis in this section.

Marketing Planning: Thoroughness of the discussion of three major elements: marketing objectives, target markets, and the marketing mix (Product, Price, Promotion, Place/Distribution). Discussion of market research if planned.

Implementation and Control: Thoroughness of discussion and justification of how the marketing plan will be implemented, evaluated, and measured. Comparison of results with stated objectives. Include a chart for sequencing tasks and milestones.

Financial Analysis: Discussion of revenue and cost breakdown and estimated return on investment/ breakeven point, where appropriate.
Develop sales forecasts and estimates of marketing costs.

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The main purpose of this report is to try providing a market opportunity for the Paramount Pictures and identifying how the industry is ready to take those opportunities. This will helps to implement recommendations that Paramount Pictures will take develop and grow considering the situation in the market. Firstly, the opportunity analysis will cover all the levels that influence the operation of the company. This includes both customers and stakeholders’ level of satisfaction and perception, and identifying the consumers …

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