Partnership Liquidation Schedule—Safe Payment

Partnership Liquidation Schedule—Safe Payment


Partners in the ABCD Partnership decided to dissolve their partnership. On that date, the partners had the following pre-liquidation capital balances:

Partner A $28,000
Partner B 41,000
Partner C 18,000
Partner D 12,000

A, B, C, and D share residual profits and losses in a 4:3:2:1 ratio.

Liabilities at the date of dissolution total $100,000, and noncash assets equal $105,000. During the first month of liquidation, assets having a book value of $55,000 were sold for $31,000. During the second month, assets having a book value of $32,000, were sold for $28,000. During the third month, the remaining unsold assets were determined to be worthless. The partners receive the maximum allowable payment at the end of each month.

Submission Requirements:

Part 1: Using the ACT470_Mod08-Portfolio_Option02.xls Excel spreadsheet in the Module 8 folder, prepare an installment liquidation schedule along with supporting safe payment schedules.

Part 2: Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to the partners revealing the results of your accounting work. The presentation should include at least 10 slides. Incorporate a visual of the partnership financials into the presentation.

Your responses should be complete, well written, and in conformity with CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links

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