1. Read the “Passion” then answer the following questions in the word doc, need to write more than (600) words.

Alice Munro, “Passion” found on our V-space site (2004):

2.Maxine Hong Kingston, “No Name Woman”: pages 307 – 315 (1976): answer the question in the word doc answer then question write (100 words).

3.Louise Erdrich, “Fleur”: pages 1289 – 1298 (1988): answer in the word doc then question write (100 words).


4.Sandra Cisneros, “I the Woman” and “Love Poem #1”: pages 576 – 578 (1992): answer the question in the word doc then question write (200 words).

5.READ the: bell hooks, “Talking Back”: pages 72-76 (1989): then answer the question in the word doc then question write (100 words).

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eng  passion  Talking Back  the Woman” and “Love Poem Fleur  No Name Woman

Answer preview……….

Why is this memory important to Grace? (Remember, the narrator begins by showing us Grace returning to the lake house 40 years after this incident)

This memory is essential to Grace because it reminds her of the person she once loved, 40 years ago and her family who resided in the area. She does not get the chance to fully interact with her family when she gets a new job after high school and even with the events that unveil themselves in the story; she does not get to spend time with the person she truly loves, Neil (Munro, 2004). Therefore, that memory is essential to make her feel like she can still relate to them through what remained of them in Ottawa Valley……..

 APA 2375 words

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