Patient history and assessment standards and techniques


professor replied to me that overall, paper is very strong; however, i only did the lit review on three articles. Per the rubric, the lit rev should be on all the articles cited.

please do lit review on 3 more articles that you used in the paper. just the same way you did previously

and add them to annotated bibliography section in the paper. paper is attached.

articles that needed to be reviewed:Hudspeth, R. S. (2016). Safe opioid prescribing for adults by nurse practitioners: Part 1. Patient history and assessment standards and techniques. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 12(3), 141-148.

Kraus, E., & DuBois, J. M. (2017). Knowing your limits: A qualitative study of physician and nurse practitioner perspectives on NP independence in primary care. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 32(3), 284-290.


Reeve, E., Wolff, J. L., Skehan, M., Bayliss, E. A., Hilmer, S. N., & Boyd, C. M. (2018). Assessment of attitudes toward deprescribing in older Medicare beneficiaries in the United States. JAMA Internal Medicine, 178(12), 1673-1680.


Subject:  Masters Nursing


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