Patient Scenario

Patient Scenario

Patient Scenario

Addresses Learning Outcomes:

  • Use knowledge of biological principles and the Scientific Method to ask and answer relevant questions about human health and disease
  • Analyze information to distinguish between diseased and healthy structure and functioning.
  • Analyze how internal and external factors cause disruption of healthy body function, leading to disease and disorders.

There are 6 questions that need answering and please cite all sources in APA format within your answer text as well as full citations in APA format at the end of the assignment

Attached is a word document containing all information on this project.


3 pgs total
label each question and answer below it

Answer Preview…………….

The components of physical examination include evaluating the history of the disease, conducting tests and procedures, and conducting a physical exam. When assessing the history of the disease the patient explains the complaints or concerns about their health. During the examination, the physician asks about the patient drinking, smoking, exercise and sexual health habits of the patient. The physical analysis of the patient is conducted to check any vital and………………..

APA 1414 words

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