Patient/Customer Satisfaction

Patient/Customer Satisfaction

For most health care organizations, the customer is the patient. Like other businesses, health care organizations are evaluated by many of the usual measures of customer satisfaction (e.g., convenience of location, ease of getting the appointment, waiting time, price, etc.). Unlike most businesses, health care organizations are also judged by patient outcomes. What the “customer” wants and what the “patient” needs may occasionally be in conflict, even though the “customer” and “patient” is the same person. This is one reason customer satisfaction for health care organizations can seem to be an elusive goal.

To prepare for this Discussion:

· Review this week’s Learning Resources.

· Locate and read a scholarly article that identifies factors that influence patient/customer satisfaction in a health care setting.

Post a brief description of and a link to the scholarly article. Then, identify and discuss what you believe is the most important factor that influences patient/customer satisfaction positively and negatively in health care. Finally, justify why those factors are important and address how the article you cited supports or refutes your opinion.

Support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and/or additional sources as appropriate. Your citations must be in APA format.



Article: Ford, R. C., Bach, S. A., & Fottler, M. D. (1997). Methods of measuring patient satisfaction in health care organizationsHealth Care Management Review, 22(2), 74–89.

Article: Otani, K., Waterman, B., Faulkner, K. M., Boslaugh, S., Burroughs, T. E., & Dunagan, W. (2009). Patient satisfaction: Focusing on “excellent.” Journal of Healthcare Management, 54(2), 93–103.

Preview of the answer..

According to this article, patient/customers satisfaction is a very important indicator of determining the quality of health care. The satisfaction of patients tends to affect patient retention, medicinal malpractice claims and clinical outcomes. This is because it usually affects the efficient, patient-oriented and timely delivery of quality and efficient health care services. Therefore, patient proximity is a very efficient indicator of hospital’s and doctor’s success. Thus, this article explains the various ways through which hospitals and doctors can enhance patient satisfaction…

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