Module 8 Discussion Forum – Dance Evaluation

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)

Search the web to build your personal repertoire of PCK. Find one website
that addresses PCK in your content area. Please provide a link to the site,
a 2-4 sentence summary of what you learned from it, and a list of academic
language vocabulary related to your content area and named in the
identified resource.

Video –

Resource –

Pedagogical Content Knowledge Academic Language Vocabulary

1.5 pgs is fine

Answer Preview for “build your personal repertoire of PCK”paper…………….

It is important for teachers to improve and expand on the way they teach so that they would be able to offer their students with vast knowledge of the subject matter they are teaching. My personal repertoire on Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) is that teachers should always interpret and transform what they are teaching to enable students to learn and understand what they are being taught. Through the PCK teachers should always have the knowledge of…………………

APA 433 words

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