peer reviews 1

peer reviews 1

You will reply to 2 classmate’s posts with a 100-word response for each. Replies are to be in the form of a meaningful peer review. Comment on strengths of the content and the mechanical structure of the paragraph. Be specific. Also, make constructive suggestions. If a point is unclear, kindly point out how it might be made clearer. If the paragraph goes off topic, state how it does so. Research indicates that participating in peer reviews helps both the writer and the reviewer improve, so please receive the peer reviews with a teachable spirit.


Key Elements of Biblical Worldview:

Worldview can be described as ideas and beliefs that shape an individual, and societal understanding of the world. These views can look differently depending on the views of a particular group or individual. Worldviews adapted will shape every aspect of life, the way one thinks, the way one behaves, and the way one sees the world, politically, morally, and philosophically. Biblical worldview shapes a Christians perspectives and morals significantly. Graham, (2009) describes the bible as being written to address the heart of human beings. The Bible is written as a text to understand modern science, psychology, philosophy, economics, or other disciplines. (Graham, 2009, p. 12). There are a few key elements of biblical worldview: An absolute God exists, God created the universe, Man is created in the image of God, and the Bible is the Word of God. These elements of biblical worldview shape our everyday thinking, our community, and our perspectives on the world.

Christian Philosophy of Education:

According to Graham (2009), “God expects us to do something with the knowledge we have acquired to honor Him and fulfill HIS purposes.” Christian education encompasses directing the human development towards God’s purpose for man. The role of Christian educators is to disciple students to see the Truth of God’s Word in all things. The ultimate goals in Christian education, with every subject is to always bring the process back to God our Creator. Students are the image bearers of Christ; so Christian education would reach each child to foster their own reflection of Christ. (Graham, 2009, p.23).

Implications for Educational Practice:

The Bible has a significant impact on our society and worldviews from many aspects of history, nature, human rights, etc. Understanding the history of Christianity in our culture is an important factor in the educational field. Graham (2009), explains education must help us pursue our creational task in developing the “third stage” of creation.” (p.25). Secularism is widespread in the educational systems, leaving many historical aspects out of certain subject areas. Biblical worldviews and Christian philosophy bring Christian truth that will significantly impact our societies, communities, and culture. The ultimate goal in biblical worldview is to begin and end with Christ!


Graham, D. L. (2009). Teaching Redemptively (Second Edition ed.). Purposeful Design Publications.



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Your post is very informing especially on the key elements of Biblical Worldview and the Christian Philosophy of Education. In addition to your post, I would like you to consider that………………..

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