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peer reviews



I believe the Profitability Ratios would be the best for an investor to make an accurate prediction about the company’s financial condition. These ratios measure best the NET INCOME end game and profitability of the company. I think they cover all the basis of a long-term look into a company’s financial state. Looking at the net sales, average total assets, the return on the assets, profitability of the owners’ investments, how much they are making in the market and the cash dividends, are all things that are recognized in the profitability ratios. I think that this offers a long-term look into what can be expected of the company to do in the future. While this is a great information source, I also think that doing a comparative profitability ratio of a competitive company would help show the possibility of success or failure.

The links I provided are links to annual reports for WALMART and Amazon. These companies share their annual reports on line and in writing. They offer so many “free” copies and then the requester either has to pay for a copy or do more research to find the information by formally requesting it if the “free” copies have been satisfied. A potential investor could look at annual reports of these companies and take factors of history and growth during same year comparisons into consideration. I think that not one factor would be an important decision maker for an investor or creditor. I think looking at the history of the company and whether it has grown and become more successful year after year is a determining aspect. If both companies have been around doing the same business for the same amount of time, then I would think the company that is tipping the scale of success would be the more worthy contender. If a company is new and it is doing better than a competitor doing the same business and the other is failing, well then that might be an indication that the “newer” company might do better in the long run. I am sure there are more factors to consider such as their history of change and market needs. However, I am sure that these reports and past reports will give an insight into what can be predicted.……



Hello class and professor,

The topic that impacted me the most was how society can shape you in the way they feel your purpose is. By this I mean that society can either make or break you depending on your ultimate goal in life. Many people who get turned down for either a job or a scholarship can hinder that person from wanting to do anything else. On the other hand, other people who get turned down might turn it into motivation to go harder. It just depends on that persons perspective on life.


Accounting has nothing to do with the current position that I am in. I really would not want a job that has to do with accounting at all. The advantages of it is knowing finance and the way the day to day operations in the market world for accounting. This is not something that I desire to do. This class has been very challenging for me and I am just glad the course is over. Good luck to each of you that are still taking classes. This was one of my final classes that I had to take and really dreaded taking it. I am not a math person and have no desire to utilize it in the near future. Thank you all for your assistance in the areas that I needed help in. As you can see this is why I needed the help because I really do not like math.


Answer Preview…………….

I agree with you that the profitability ratio is one of the major indicators of the good performance of a company and reliable parameter for making sound investment decisions. As an index for measuring the long-term sustainability of the company, it would help the investor to identify and understand the importance of both the tactical and strategic initiatives that were executed by the organization. For example, the elements of the performance of the company……………………

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