perform a SWOT analysis on two different companies

Annotated Bibliography

You are required to perform a SWOT analysis on two different companies for this research paper. The companies you choose to do your research on should be companies you wish to work for after graduating.

Logic behind this research: Many of us go into interviews without having a strong foundation/knowledge about the company we want to work for. This research paper (SWOT analysis), will give you an excellent amount of information about the companies you wish to work for which in return will help you in an interview. You will go into the interview knowledgable and confident about the company.

Part 1: Annotated bibliography (check Modules for due date)

Five distinct sources are required per company – e.g. the company website counts only as 1 source, even if you use several different articles from that 1 website. For each company, you would only have 1 Marketline and 1 Hoover resource. Marketline and Hoover are required sources for this paper. Ten sources in total, 100 word synopsis per source , a total of 1000 words for this assignment.

Essentially, this assignment consists of two elements that will be blended together:

  • A Works Cited page in APA format that lists all of the research sources you have found and evaluated thus far for your final paper (Career Research Paper)
  • An evaluation immediately following each of these source’s citation that shows how and why this source will be useful to your final project. This evaluation should include your interpretation of the source’s thesis or overall focus.

An APA example, using the source for the above quote:

Cohn, Michael (2020, June). EY and multinational tax clients adjust to coronavirus. Accounting Today. Retrieved July 5, 2020, from https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/ey-and-multinational-tax-clients-adjust-to-coronavirus (Links to an external site.)

Cohn (2020) successfully informs readers that EY is continuously helping clients in challenging situations. While some firms are still new with working from home culture, EY has already practiced its employees to work remotely for a long time. Moreover, EY has helped the industry in tax regulations as many countries and states have modified and updated new tax laws which may confuse many businesses.

Accounting Today is the leading publisher of public accounting news. Deeply engaging with social media, research panels, and contributors network, Accounting Today delivers insightful content for professional accountants and those who interested in accountancy.

The Nuts and Bolts

Your final Annotated Bibliography will have 10 sources listed (minimum of 5 per company).

  • Watch the videos posted for you on how to put together an annotated bibliography.
  • Use San Jose State University MLK database. ( I’ll provide my SJSU account once I accept the bid)
  • Datamonitor and Marketline are required cites. (both are free for SJSU students)
  • Entries should be organized in alphabetical order.
  • APA formatting is a requirement, for the annotated bibliography, the final Research paper, and the in-text citations.

The 2 company that I choose for this project

  1. Mammoth Mountain Resort https://www.mammothmountain.com/
  2. Heavenly Mountain Resort https://www.skiheavenly.com/


subject: Marketing

Type of writing: Bibliography

Pages: about 4



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