Performing a job analysis

Performing a job analysis allows compensation professionals to ensure the job description actually matches the duties performed by an employee. It is important to regularly perform a job analysis on the position you have created for this project.

Now that you have your job description in place, begin your detailed compensation plan and include the following:

  1. Create and describe a job analysis process and job evaluation process. Discuss the importance of each process for your position.
  2. Design a basic pay structure for the position.
  3. Evaluate how the process and pay structure relates to the organization success.

This part of your project should be 2 pages and in APA format

Preview of the answer..

  1. Summary of this position

The individual will be required to research and identify the most suitable target market for our products. He will also be required to formulate and implement marketing strategies ideal for the target market identified. Furthermore, the position requires the holder to maintain records of customer contacts.

  1. Duties of the job
  2. Research and identify new clients in Stark County Ohio and the neighboring counties
  3. Contacts clients upon identifying them…


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