Select three characteristics of a your own life. You are not required to self disclose anything that makes you uncomfortable!

1. One physical characteristic (related to health, illness, appearance, energy level, etc.)

2. One cognitive characteristic (intelligence, reasoning, problem-solving, impulse control, attention, learning, verbal skills, visuospatial skills, etc.)

3. One psychosocial characteristic (personality trait, introversion/extroversion, emotional functioning, mental health, fears/phobias, etc.)

For each of the three characteristics, discuss the role played by nature (heredity) vs. nurture (upbringing, environment), or interplay of the two.

Minimum 4 pages. APA format is required (Title page, in text citations and references, etc.). Please use 12 size font, double spacing, and 1-inch margins. Please cite secondary sources correctly, if you did not read the article you are citing, it must be cited using (as cited in . . . and last name and date of document you did read). If using a direct quote, you must include quotation marks and page numbers. please add refrences

I know it is asking for characteristics, nature vs nurture. This might be of some importance I am black and I’m from the islands. Just use simple characteristics. Please feel free to ask anything you need to know in the process. Thanks much.

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