Personal Choices in Environmental Conservation

Personal Choices in Environmental Conservation

Grading Rubric Must Be Followed


For this assessment, in a 3–4-page report, examine the impact of your choices on the environment and consider positive changes you could implement.

Begin your report by explaining areas of your life in which your choices impact the environment. This list could be endless; choose to focus on 10 areas of impact. Then, choose five changes related to the areas you listed that you could implement in your life.

  • Include at least one change relevant to each of the three main natural resources—air, water, and land (soil).
  • For each of your five changes that you have chosen to examine, address the following:
    • What is the financial cost or benefit of the change?
    • What health benefits are associated with the change?
    • What are the environmental benefits of this change? How does this change promote conservation of air, water, or land?
    • What is the impact on your lifestyle if you make the change?

Finally, address the following in regard to your chosen changes overall:

  • What message are you trying to convey? Highlight the main points you want to present.
  • How do your personal choices affect environmental health?
  • Include a reference to the information from at least two reputable sources that support your choices. What do other sources of information say about these concepts?
  • Finally, explain how you could convince your friends and family that these changes are important.


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Answer preview…………

Everybody is responsible for the conservation of resources in the environment through making changes in areas in their daily lives. I believe that there are several areas that I should change to ensure that I preserve resources and therefore play my role. The areas include shopping, waste disposal, laundry, food consumption, bathing, teeth brushing, travel, the use of electronics, smoking, and the consumption of energy in the home. For the assignment, the paper will focus on five main areas that include the use of electronics, traveling, the consumption of food, fixing of leaks in the house, and waste disposal. I believe that changes in the five areas may make a significant impact in environmental conservation………..

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