Personal Protective Equipment Exercise

Introduction to OSHA

Safety 3433 –assignment #13 – Typed, arial 12pt.

Personal Protective Equipment Exercise

Due October 27, 2015

  1. List and describe the two primary means of protecting employees from workplace hazards prior to considering personal protective equipment (PPE).
  1. What should be included in PPE training (list at least 4 requirements)?
  1. List PPE that may be used to protect the eye, face, head, feet, hands, arms, bodies, and hearing.
  1. Identify hazards that are lessened or eliminated by using the appropriate PPE for eye protection, hearing protection, foot and hand protection, face protection and body protection. Discussion should include goggles and safety glasses, face shields, hard hats, ear plugs and ear muffs, safety shoes, gloves, and various coveralls.

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OSHA policies and regulations require employers to protect employees from hazards present at work stations such as; work procedures, hazardous substances and machines. However, employees cannot be protected if they do not know how to carry out their activities (Sullivan & Krieger, 1992). As a result of these, employers need to;

Institute all feasible engineering practice controls in order to reduce and eliminate hazards before they can use the PPE such as using..

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