Personal Statement

Personal Statement

I would like to apply HCI related Master Degree and need someone to write personal statement for me.

800 words, single spaced

 personal statement  Application for Hci Master Degree

Hi Professor Henry,

I am Zhewei Lin working in a architectural design firm in bayarea and would like to apply for Master degree of HCI. Please see my LinkedIn account for more information

The school I would like to apply is

Personal Statement:

In 750–800 words, please describe your interest in HCI and design, and explain what specific elements of the UW MHCI+D Program make it a good fit for you. How have your prior experiences (at school and in the workplace if applicable) prepared you for this program and this field? How will this program assist you in your longer-term goals?

Please feel free to let me know if you need anything else.


Zhewei Lin

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