personal statement for law school.

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I need help to write my personal statement for law school. Looking really for an hollistic essay to help my application.



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Okay, let me explain the basics of what I want.

I want my PS to look a little bit like a story. My major is Criminology, Law and Society. I am graduating this december with a 3.9 GPA. I am African, coming from Ivory Coast which is a french speaking country so my native language is french. I have learned a little bit english at school and that’s so I learned English here while at school. But I managed to be at the top of my classes. I have made dean’s list four times, 2 in each of my college school. My community college and my university.

I am a really a devoted student. I came straight from Africa to the United states and live here alone. I knew nobody when I came i was just motivated to further my study, despite the fact It was so complicated because I wasn’t able to speak the language. But it never stopped me.

Becoming a lawyer has always been my dream job since childhood. I used to speak so well in front of people and mastered french so well, I have participated and been selected twice to a contest for Public Speaking Competition


Leading member of bible studies group


I have never had late assignments, never been bothered by the workload because I am only dedicated to my studies and success and nothing else. My mother died the year I came to the united states from breast cancer and I decided that I have to succeed here to make her proud. So, I have never led anything coming my way because I have the goal to succeed and nothing else. I am a fervent human rights defender who has always fought against injustice, so that’s why I want to be a Human Rights Lawyer.

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I think thats good right?


specifically your Personal Statement, should show thoughtful consideration of your reasons for studying law, and at our Faculty in particular.

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The Admissions Committee is interested in hearing why you want to study law, why you are interested in

our faculty, and what you will bring to our learning community. The Committee looks for indicators of intellectual curiosity, community engagement, political/social insight, leadership skills, ability to work with others, openness to diversity (cultural, linguistic and otherwise), maturity, judgment, and potential for development through opportunity or adversity.

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We strongly encourage applicants belonging an equity-seeking group to include information in their Personal Statements on how their personal circumstances, lived experience, work, community involvement, and extra-curricular activities relate to their desire and preparation to study law at our University.The Personal Statement should be a product of your own reflection. We truly value a wide range of backgrounds, identities, and future aspirations. Whether you wish to become a practicing lawyer or you have other ideas about your career path following a legal education, your application,


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