Perspectives on Sexuality#2

What social/environmental factors affect sexual attitudes in the United
> States today?
> proper grammar and quality is required.
> use subtitles and have two references (that is the attached book and one
> more psychology related book to the question)
> 300 words.
> cas-our_sexuality_12e.pdf<>
>  first question is to read chapter 1, 2, and 9
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As explained by Coon, Mitterer, Talbot & Vanchella (2010), sexual behaviors and attitudes in males and females are affected by different factors. One of the observations that research has made is that girls grow faster than boys do. For this reason, they get to puberty faster as compared to the boys their age. This was not the case in the United States a few years ago. Different factors, both social and environmental have led to this factor. This leads …

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