persuasive introduction explaining the purpose of the proposal

Analytical Paper Assignment

Part 1 – Proposal

Refer to your textbook for guidance in writing the proposal. Standard parts of informal proposals include (a) a persuasive introduction explaining the purpose of the proposal; (b) background identifying the problem and project goals; (c) a proposal, plan, or schedule outlining the project; (d) a section describing staff qualifications (you won’t need to include this in your proposal); (e) expected costs (include your anticipated costs for additional certifications or memberships); and (f) a request for approval or authorization (you are requesting approval from me for your Analytical paper topic).

Part 2 – Analytical Paper assignment – First Draft
Your drafts should be a pretty good start on your paper. For the draft, you want to have at least 1200 words written. Include your references and citations in APA. I’m going to be checking that you are using appropriate sources.

Your final paper draft will be graded on:

Appropriateness of topic



Selection of sources

Meet word requirement



before you start working on it I need to show you something about the assignment so you can better understand what this should look like

10 hours ago

This Nisan example of what the Proposal should look like –  see nissan example folder


Here is an example of another student’s proposal –  see attached business analyst proposal



you will also need some info about me to make the same proposal. I study Business Administration and Management and my specialty is marketing.



The proposal is pretty much just to ask permission of what I will be writing in my analytical paper draft. Please once your done with the proposal do the Analytical Paper assignment – First Draft.. good luck



Subject: Business communication

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apa 1414 words

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