A Pharmacological Discussion on Drug Effects

A Pharmacological Discussion on Drug Effects


Do not Bid unless you have textboook: Concepts of Chemical Dependency 10th Edition; Harold E. DOWEIKO.


Read Chapter 3 of your Doweiko textbook and in the discussion forum address the following:

  • Discuss the terms “Prime Effect” and “Side Effects” as related to chemicals.
  • Discuss the methods of administration of drugs, bioavailability, and the four factors influencing it.
  • Discuss what is meant by the terms half-life, effective dose, lethal dose, and peak effects.
  • Finally, examine and discuss the blood-brain barrier structure of the human body and the impact it has upon drug use.


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Prime and Side Effects in Chemicals. The prime effect of a drug is the most significant impact that it has on the user. That is a result of the chemical imbalances that the active ingredient in the drug causes. For instance, the prime effect of alcohol is inebriation, a state where the individual loses their motor functionality, vision becomes blurry, and there is a general neural slowdown. When an individual drinks too much, Doweiko notes that the acetaldehyde concentrations rise to such critical levels that the body shuts down to stop additional intake of the substance. That is because the human body can only break down a fixed amount of alcohol to acetate in an hour. Side effects, on the other hand, are those consequences of a drug that is not the primary effect of ingestion, but which does not supersede the main impact of taking in the drug……………

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