The Philosophical Viewpoints and Understanding the Lathe of Heaven

In order to elucidate our ideas, explore in depth the use of literary devices in our readings, and
fine-tune your writing and research skills, you are going to write a critique of the novel. The
second part of this assignment, which you will also be graded on, will be a group presentation.
This assignment has two separate parts – a research essay, and a symposium presentation and
PART 1 – ESSAY. You may take your research and criticism in a number of different directions.
Here are some possible suggestions; these aren’t writing prompts, just examples:
-Examine the protagonist in conjunction with the Hero, or the heroic journey. Define what
makes a hero in literature, and compare the protagonist to this archetype—how does the
protagonist fit into and defy our ideas or expectations of a hero?
The role of culture, gender, identity, history, politics, etc. as a prominent structural and
thematic component of the novel. Examine the portrayal of any of these in the novel, and
synthesize the significance they take on or create in terms of content, form, and meaning.
-Complete a close reading of the novel from a specific critical perspective, and discuss
how the novel operates and creates meaning within this specific framework.
-Read (short) selections from the author, which were not assigned this semester and
identify patterns or themes that emerge prominently across their work, and what those
patterns might signify.
– Read the works of another author, and compare his/her writing to that of our author’s—in
order to accomplish this, you must select an author appropriate for comparison, justify
the basis for this comparison (in terms of theme, form, portrayals, focus, literary devices,
etc.), and show how the two writers tackle their subjects in converging or divergent ways.
– You should devise your own focus and thesis, but make sure you vet your ideas properly
at peer-review and with your presentation partners.
– You may also use the references your team used for your symposium presentation,
HOWEVER, they should not be your sole sources and should be relevant to your specific
To be clear, you are to criticize the book from an academic perspective. Use the framework of
literary criticism to provide me with a persuasive interpretation of the text and ensure that you
are clear as to the deeper meaning of the text; I expect you to explore beyond the surface
meaning of the text and identify some of the multiple layers of meaning your study of the text
revealed. In other words, avoid being obvious in your interpretation of the text and focus on a
discussion, exploration and analysis of the text through its literary devices.
Make your summaries of the text necessary, contextual, brief and properly cite them.
I will grade your essay based on the clarity and depth of your thesis, the organization of your
ideas, the strength and relevancy of your sources, and of course, your attention to grammar and
style. Yes, effort counts! I don’t expect a dissertation from you. I know this might be the first
time you are asked to explore a text in this manner. However, I expect a solid effort from you!
The essay portion of this project is worth 15% of your overall course grade.
Essay Requirements –
– 1400 words, typed and double spaced in MLA format
– A separate works cited page.
– At least seven scholarly sources relevant to your paper’s focu
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