PHILOSOPHY: Essay on Virtues

Philosophy Essay: The Virtues


Write a short essay of 1000 to 1500 words that takes a position on one of the identified issues. You may agree, disagree, or take some other position in relation to each topic. (Note that each is addressed in Chapter 11 of the textbook.) Provide examples that support or illustrate your position.


– Courage: An essential trait in all human circumstances

– Compassion: A trait that must flow from intentions if it is to mean anything

– Gratitude: A trait that makes human community possible


This paper must be written in APA style. While not required, careful reference to materials in the course text, lecture notes, or other materials is strongly advised. Any such references must be identified using APA referencing




preview of the answer..

Courage is one of the most essential traits that a person can possess. Courage gives a person the ability and the will to face certain issues such as fear, any form of danger that he/she may come across and also helps the person face his/her intimidators. Courage can also be described as the bravery to do things. We can describe the courage in a person as being physical courage or even moral courage. With the physical courage, a person is able to face situations …

1200 words APA

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