> DQ 1
>          *What are the three greatest ethical issues that managers face?

> Can an unethical manager create an ethical work environment? Defend your

> response.*

> DQ 2
> What is the managerial responsibility for ethical leadership in an
> organization? How would you as a manager design a work environment so that
> employees had to take responsibility for their actions, ethical or not?
> 150 words per question
> submit as different word documents
> use subtitles
> 2 references per question

preview of the answer..

As explained by Gilliland, Steiner & Skarlicki (2007), an ethical issue refers to a situation that requires an individual to make a decision based on two alternatives. Organizational managers face many ethical and moral issues when overseeing different processes such as hiring new employees. Good examples of the greatest ethical issues that managers face include …

463 words APA

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