Plan Proposal Summary – Professional Project Plan

Plan Proposal Summary – Professional Project Plan

Now, you want Gladwell Grocery Stores to accept your project plan. Mr. Bell likes your idea and would like you to present your project plan to the executive board.

Create a professional project plan that you will be presenting to the executive board of Gladwell Grocery Store.

Please include the following elements:

      • Table of Contents
      • Executive Summary
      • Introduction to the Problem
      • Business Analysis
      • Proposal Overview
      • HRIS Type and Comparison
      • Recommendation for an HRIS Vendor
      • Project Management Roadmap
      • Conclusion Please do not simply copy and paste Phases 1-3. The previous phases were considered raw data, and now you will be summarizing and finalizing your findings. You want to apply critical thinking to describe the data you have obtained. Write a 5 page paper in which you:
      1. Identify the current issue that the business is facing and propose an HRIS solution. Introduce the HR function that you chose as the focus of your business proposal, and explain the potential benefit for the business if that function is addressed.
      2. Propose a type of HRIS for the organization in the scenario. Discuss the function that the HRIS serves, and identify how that system will solve the business issue.
      3. Compare and contrast at least two (2) HRIS vendors. Based on this comparison, make a case for the one (1) vendor that you recommend for your client.
      4. Create a project management roadmap for the client with projected timelines. Discuss the costs associated with the implementation, justifying your claims with HR metrics and cost benefit analysis.
      5. Use at least (4) quality academic resources in this assignment.


Answer Preview…………….

The analysis of the operations of the Gladwell store is essential in setting out the measures that encourage the performance of the institution. The analysis of the role of the human resource is to promote the coordination of the relations of the employees and this assists in increasing the efficiency in their roles improving productivity. The HRIS system is vital in………………..

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