Plastic Pollution Solution

Plastic Pollution Solution


this essay should be related to the previous one that you wrote which was about Plastic pollution. please see attachment as it will explain the essay requirements. Also, read 2# which is the current assignment. number 1# was the first essay.

don’t worry about the second file the sort one I will end the edited one

1 day ago

for the sources, you do not need to so the upon. just any 2 online credible sources.

read 2# because that’s what you should write about. and you know the drill. same topic. “plastic pollution”.


Answer Preview…………

Accumulation of plastics in the environment has continued growing over the years. Even though plastic is not digestible by the earth, we continue using plastics all over the world. Plastics are useful in that they are easily disposable and effective in holding products; for instance, drinking water is sold in plastic bottles among others. We have become accustomed to the extent of addiction on the use of plastics that we at times turn blind to the problem that they cause. Plastics pose a danger to our environment, rivers, wildlife as well as human beings. As it is, we produce around 300 tonnes of plastic annually, and they have nowhere to decompose………..

APA 1722 words

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