Please finish this essay

Please finish this essay

I post all my instructions here. I need you to write about 7pages about this topic- about portfolio management.You can find some information from attachment and other material you need to search online Please be 100% originally cuz we use turnitin and this essay worth 50%. Thank you so much.( Don’t forget to follow the requirement)

 management  essay
7 pgs
outline needed

Answer Preview…………….

Social responsibility investing is generally accepted in the society and more so portrayed as the legitimate type of investment that a responsible, reputable person in the society should be involved in. Undesirable stocks by the moral of the majority of the society present the greatest risk of branding the owner and the business as a bad business whether they are legal or not. While social responsibility in investment is mostly portrayed as desirable, it presents returns as…………………..

APA 2402 words

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