Please write an discussion about Econ class

Please write an discussion about Econ class

Please write a discussion to talk about this question. You should read some reading material. I will attach reading material and discussion rubric. You can just follow them. Make sure you follow the instruction please. And discussion should be a couple paragraphs.

Question: Plato wrote that in a just society, the richest person in a community would earn no more than five times what the ordinary worker in their community made. Contemporary US society is far from Plato’s ideal. According to the Census Bureau, the average American worker made $30,099 in 2016. The top 1% of workers made at least $285,000 in 2016. In contrast, the worldwide average is around $10,000 per person.

Is this fair? Are the salaries of people at the top the result of efficient, hard work, or is this the result of unchecked greed and power from elites? Is the disparity between average earnings in the US and rest of the world the result of these same forces?

 ECON  Poverty and discrimination

So there should be chapter 1 3 5, one rubric, and reading guide 1 3 5(This guide will let you know what you need to read)


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Poverty and Discrimination

The analysis of the fairness in the society according to Plato is difficult as the gap between the poor and the rich continues to widen. The assessment of the ratio of payment is important as this helps in focusing on the economic factors that continue to widen the gap. There is need to focus on the role of the private sector in widening the gap and this means there is focus on the comparability of the elitist in the society and the effect that the gap has on the increasing changes in the society. The fairness aspect as reviewed from the Plato experience is not evident and this means there is need to focus on the roles that the labor participation plays in the………….

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