Poem Analysis

Poem Analysis

In a well developed essay that includes a short introduction and conclusion, analyze the poem below for its use of imagery and tone and metaphor and how they create the theme. You will be graded in the following areas: 1] clear main ideas (clear thesis, strong examples from the poem to support your analysis.) 2] well-developed sentences 3] grammar and word choice 4] organization (transitions, sequence of ideas, how the body helps prove the thesis). Use quotes from the poem to support your interpretation. Even though you should not use any sources other than the poem, the essay still should follow MLA formatting guidelines, including line numbers from the poem in your parenthetical citations.

Natural Bridge/Rogue River Canyon

By Paul Halupa

Life surges incessantly towards impediment.

Passages narrow and the resultant

End is hard stone.

On the upper Rogue River, the wall is lava, ancient spills

Left by Mazama against the high hills.

I am alone

And my reflection is dominated by water

Coming to impasse, the teeter-totter

Of decision.

The wall of lava and its field might produce a lake

Or bow the river wide around and make

A revision

In its course, delay its certain bubbling intention

To go forward. But it is invention

That is the mark:

The river hits the wall as if to drive it asunder

And finding a chute beneath, dives under

Into the dark.

And in review it would seem, for us, little different.

Difficulties mount, pressures build, a rent

Is in the wall,

And plunging in we find a serene cavernous strength,

And pressed to run its darkness at full length,

We find our all.

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 good citation  must be 3 pages  no similarities and plagarism

Answer preview……….

In the development of the poem by Paul Halupa Natural Bridge/Rogue River Canyon, the author uses various imagery, tone, and metaphor towards developing the main idea of the poem. The author mainly uses the figurative language in the poem to explain the relationship between the experiences of life which many people usually endure together with the Rogue River Canyon. He emphasizes just like how the river sustained many devastating occurrences it is similar to the life that some people experience generally. Through author compares River Canyon and human beings live to explain what human beings endure helps in the development of themes of life and hardship in the poem…….

 APA 889 words

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