Police Misconduct

Police Misconduct


I dont want wikipedia or any story from any book i just need your thought.
here is the prompt : Imagine the following scenario: One of your closest
friends, a recent UCLA graduate, is a new member of a police force in the Los
Angeles area. she has confided to you that one of her fellow officers, Clint
Connor, has caused her considerable anxiety because he seems to have
racist and even sadistic impulses. She has told you that she remembers the
case of officer Justin Volpe who sodomized Abner Loumia with a broomstick
in 1997( page 14, Racism and the Law) and that some of Officer Connor's
comments and actions have catalyzed her concerns. Your friend tells you that
Connor has often said that when he goes on patrol, he's going to "get me
some…..today and watch the blood flow." She also tells you that she has seen
white nationalist literature in his locker. She has also seen the tattoo on his
arm that reads " WHITE PRIDE." In the locker room, Connor often laughs
when there is news about police brutality. But she also says that Connor is
well liked among fellow officers and that he often invites them to his home for
parties. Your friend even attended one herself and actually enjoyed the event.
But your friend noticed that Connor's wife had some bruises on her arm that
she tried to conceal. Your friend couldn't be sure whether Connor's wife was a
victim of abuse, but he/she certainly had suspicious. So your friend seeks
your advice. She says that officer Connor has not, to her knowledge, actually
committed any acts of brutality, but she knows that he is the kind of police
officer who could wind up like Justin Volpe. But she knows that saying
anything would brand her a "rat," and would jeopardize her own standing in
the police department. And because she is a woman she fears that it might be
even worse. She is also well liked and she wants to continue in her career
because she truly believes she can help people as a police officer. She is not
sure what, if anything, she should do. she is also not sure what procedures, if
any, are available for her to follow. (((((What is your advice to her? Tell her
and then follow up with a clear and detailed 7 pages essay:)))))))
((((((Although not specifically relevant to this scenario, the book ethical
ambition by Derrick Bell is a valuable resources)))))


Answer Preview………….

Police brutality and misconduct has increasingly been an issue of concern in the United States. News of police misconduct and brutality are a favorite in the media, and honestly, the newsrooms cannot be blamed for criticizing the misconduct and brutality of those who are supposed to serve and protect the civilians. In the case of the UCLA graduate in the police force, three issues of police misconduct appear. These include racism, gender inequality, and also police brutality. Clint Connor is painted as a brutal police officer who hides his tracks probably due to the authority and favors he receives from fellow officers. Without evidence, my friend is unable to bring Clint to justice and should seek ways of presenting evidence against Clint and compel him to change. The officer who is concerned about Connor’s behavior could report him to the police administrator, report to higher authorities in the case that she does not trust the local administrators, or gather other officers to intervene and change the behavior of the officer. The workplace intervention would work best because it would stop the behavior before it becomes gross misconduct and also ensure a positive work environment for the officers………….

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