Political Cartoon Essay

Political Cartoon Essay

The most important thing is you must follow the professor’s format.

Read Graphic Organizer and Guide,Worksheet for Revising and Sample Essay.

Follow every single detail of the requirements, and you essay should be similar to the Sample essay.

Check the grading sheet before you turn in your essay.

The Assignment:

Write a 2-3 (600- words)page essay that analyzes the rhetorical strategies and tools, visually and verbally, used by a cartoonist to produce an argument on a controversial social issue related to technology. The components are explained on the handout “Political Cartoon Analysis Guide.” A cartoonist chooses different tools to support his or her position on an issue. These tools are analogy, exaggeration (caricatures), labeling, irony, symbols and rhetoric (appeals to pathos, ethos, and/or logos). In writing about the argument in the cartoon, you will focus on the dominate elements that show how the cartoonist make his/her point.

The objective of the rhetorical analysis of the cartoon is for you to interpret the cartoonist’s thesis statement based on your analysis of how the cartoonist uses different techniques or tools to convey his or her main point.

Point of View: The point of view is third person. Do not use “you,” or “I.”

MLA Format

For this paper you may use only one source: the political cartoon.

Please use simple words and sentences, the point is to follow the right format and requirements.

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APA 698 words