Find 5 political cartoons or memes that resonate with you and write up a one page analysis of each

Political Humor Paper Topics

Choose one, and choose wisely!

4-5 pages.

1)Find 5 political cartoons or memes that resonate with you and write up a

one page analysis of each. The analysis should include a broader

discussion of the issue raised by the cartoon itself. Don’t just tell me what

the cartoon is about, tell me why it’s significant. Explore the content of the

cartoon from many angles. You can also choose an issue and find cartoons

that offer different interpretations. Please include copies of your choices in

the body of the paper.

2)Choose any comedian – either one we watched or one we haven’t – and

compare and contrast their material/message with that of a more

“legitimate” public figure (politician, pundit, commentator, activist,

philosopher, author, civil rights figure, TV host, world leader, etc). How do

they line-up? Where do they diverge? Where do you stand, and why is one

generally perceived as more credible?

3)Choose a comedy film or television show and write about its politics.


Answer Preview……………….

The political cartoon “Memorial day 2018” by Pittsburgh magazine editorial cartoonist Rob Rodgers applies the importance of United Sates Memorial day in a bid to mock president Trump’s tenure and how his notion appears to continually celebrate a death of truth, honor, and rule of law that He subconsciously celebrates. The political carton is a mockery of the president’s sentiments expressing a general aura in the republic where citizen’s feels like repetitive lies and regular stamps on the rule of law is something that the president enjoys.  While the president swore to protect, preserve and defend the constitution he has laid these requirements of the highest office to rest and quite ironically on a day that only deserves honor. The Memorial Day………………..

APA 1600 words

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