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compose a two page paper 12 point font, one inch margins double spaced that answers the following question, in light of the pending mid-term elections, i would like you to reconsider our discussions on use of ideological state apparatuses (ISA) in light of the movie “Street Fight” in what way(s) are ideological state apparatuses present and portrayed within the film?

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Ideological state apparatus are items not controlled by the state formally but transmit values to society members with an aim of maintaining law and order. Some of state ideological apparatus include law, education, church and media. In the movie, “street fight” various ideological state apparatus are portrayed. One of the IAS present in this movie is education. This apparatus is brought out inform of high number of high school dropouts in Newark which stand as an astonishing rate of 60%. This rate is brought up during Booker’s campaigns. According to him, education is very important in the society…

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