Week #3(A) Assignment
> Students are to go to the following website: www.youtube.com
> You need to enter the following into the search engine located at the top:
> *Eyes on the prize-05-Mississippi, is this America, 1962-1964. *Please
> watch the entire video. You will need to answer 4 questions. Additionally,
> please have in hand a copy of the Los Angeles Times article dated,
> 9/8/2013, section A29, OP-ED, entitled: “Obamacare: New Fight, Old
> Tactics.” by Nelson Lichtenstein. You need this article to answer question
> #4. Please do ALL WORK ON ETUDES WEBSITE. Thank you.
> 1. Dave Dennis from CORE is shown speaking at James Chaney’s funeral as a
> young man. As an older man he states, “This country operated then and still
> operates on violence, an eye-for-an-eye, a tooth-for-a-tooth; that’s what
> we respect.” Discuss the pros/cons of his statement.
> 2. What is the MFDP? Name (3) people associated with it? Where did Mrs.
> Fannie Lou Hamer speak (City & Function?). What did she ask/petition for?
> 3. Discuss FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s stance on refusing to protect
> civil rights workers. He stated that, “The FBI is not a police
> organization, it’s an investigative organization and no protection will be
> given to individuals, this was a matter for the local authority.” Explain.
> (Included in your discussion should be legal and moral implications).
> 4. What were some of the voting obstacles that African American voters in
> Southern states faced? (Please refer to L.A. Times article).
> http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/153251
> http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/eyesontheprize/about/pt_105.html




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Being a black American or part of the minority who were not native English speakers or otherwise branded as the colored community was equivalent to acquiring a ticket to a life full of persecution. The whites who fought to remain in power an employed the psychology of fear to ensure that they did not face any resistance from the minority group looked down on them. There say revenge is a dish best served cold and on an equal proportion. Dave Dennis’s statement actually acknowledged the fact there was violence and actually encouraged as way of handling the issue of interest however while at it it showed that they were not afraid to fight for their …

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