Porter Five Forces Analysis on IKEA

Porter Five Forces Analysis on IKEA

Apply Porter’s model to* Ikea* company. I attached a file containing the
instruction and the questions.

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IKEA is Swedish company which deals with selling of home accessories and furniture and is one of the world largest home-retailer (IKEA Website, 2015). The growth of the company is also attributed to the low prices of its products which are offered through its business model which is coupled by the Eco-friendly and well- designed products making the business ideal to the growing number of customers. With the increased level of competition in the industry primarily from other international businesses and the enlarging market globally, IKEA has been able to sustain the competitive advantage that it enjoys. According to Porters (2008), he depicts that the five forces model it would help in focusing how the company has been able to withstand the increasing level of completion and to hold the competitive advantage it enjoys. These forces include Threat of entry, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, Threat of substitutes, and Rivalry among existing firms………

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