Portrayal of Masculinity and Feminism Themes in Superhero Films

Portrayal of Masculinity and Feminism Themes in Superhero Films


These are the suggestions from our professor since I want to discuss the difference between female heroes and male heroes.

I think it might be more productive and make for a better essay if, instead of setting out to find the all the differences, you analyzed the portrayal, significance, and resultant shifts in meaning associated with specific films’ engagement with gender. The problem with focusing on something so broad as finding the differences would be that the paper and the thesis would risk simply being a “list” and giving contrasting examples without much analysis. In fact, in service of avoiding this and helping the writing be more focused, I would suggest you choose a small number of films (maybe 2-3-ish). This will allow you to delve more deeply into your analysis and will help you avoid the mistake of glossing too quickly over textual and filmic details that would be relevant to your thesis and in need of explication. As far as your question about using the readings: since it is an analysis paper, it will likely benefit from expert opinions and outside sources. However, which and how many of the readings and sources you use will depend on how your argument comes together and what parts of it are in need of support.

Also these are the requirements of the essay:

Draft and Final (5pp/7-10pp)—Both will be analytic and written using formal academic style. The draft will focus on concept development, skill practice, and revision. The final will focus on conceptual and argumentational refinement and skill demonstration.

Note: Because of the protracted time frame, primary sources for all papers should generally be restricted to films and texts in the course.

Response and Final Paper Information:

All formal writing assignments must follow these guidelines. Not following correct formatting with be penalized:

–Be formatted according to MLA

–Contain a works cited page

Heading format:

–Use one inch margins on all sides.

–12 pt, Times New Roman font

–Double spaced

–Last Name & Page # in top right corner

–Contains parenthetical citations


COLI 211M-02

Assignment title


Another thing that need to be mention is the citation. Since you write many of my superhero film for me, you read about the documents I offer before. You need to use those documents again and make some citation from those documents

Answer Preview………….

APA 3326 words

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