Position on the Death Penalty

Position on the Death Penalty


Write a one page paper on your position of on the death penalty, no double space, no add the source outside. Required your thinking about this situation.

Just make sure you do not need to find the source outside.


Answer Preview…………

Different people take varied positions on various issues of public interest and forming part of the national debate. One such issue has been the death penalty, with individual’s split on its impact on society. Particularly so, while some individuals argue based on morality and its potential to act as a deterrent for crime, others argue on the message sent to society whenever the government engages in an active effort to take life from someone else. To this extent, I believe that society needs to progress and do away with the death penalty, based on the necessity to consider potential for error in passing such judgment, cases in which the sentenced individuals could change, and its implications on government position on the right to life………..

APA 563 words

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