The Positive and Negative Opinions Regarding Customs and Traditions

The Positive and Negative Opinions Regarding Customs and Traditions

Five-paragraph essay discussing the positive and/or negative opinions regarding customs and/or traditions. Mention at least one of the following essays, and include at least three cited quotes or paraphrases: Chua (402-406), Burciaga (500-502), Nguyen (169-171), Tan (458-462), and/or Cofer (225-229). Your three quarts can all come from one essay, or use one from each essay. Try to have only one cited quote per paragraph, and be sure to respond to each quote with your opinion. Your three personal experience examples need to incorporate concrete, specific details, personal quotes and the five W’s (who, what, when, where, why/how); your example should dominate your essay’s content.

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People have different traditions and customs beliefs which are usually transmitted from one generation to another. Due to the traditional practices and beliefs conducted by a particular community, it always emerges different opinions both negative and positive which tend to affect community practices. For example, some parents usually force or request their children to follow a particular path in their life as that maybe the parent’s tradition, and due to this it often leads to positive or negative opinions from the children or the community. There should always be positive and negative opinions which children, parents and the society as a whole should raise about any traditional and custom practices which towards them may seem appropriate or not………..

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