post an article about a current Training and Development issue

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1.Think about the organization that you work for or choose a company that you are familiar with, (think about formal training and development, informal learning, and knowledge management) choose one of these concepts and discuss how you or your organization use that concept to enhance performance or productivity? Explain.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 175 word response with one citation and reference. Your response will be due no later than Wednesday of this week. Please note that unless you respond, you will not be able to see other responses from your peers. Special note: If your response does not meet the minimum requirement may reduce credit for any of your responses

Article Review

Next, you will post an article about a current Training and Development issue. Provide a link to the article and write a minimum of two paragraphs, one will be a quick summary of the article and the second will be about how the article relates to class using clear concepts from the text.


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