Your first citation comes on page four and has no indication of where the use of that source began. You next use of any source comes on pagers seven and eight, and again, there is the sudden appearance of a name in parenthesis with no possible way for a reader to know when the use of that source began. Then on all the pages without citations you make a number of seeping claims, sometimes even citing numbers with no supporting evidence. For example, you give a summary of Paul Ryan’s attitude toward the poor on pages two and seven yet I see no source for that information though I do recognize the articles you likely found that information.For example: on page 5. I read “Research shows that Children from poor families are more likely to suffer from sever diseases than the ones from well of families due to the fact that they are unable to access better health care which requires a lot of money.” What studies prove this is true?Then on page 7, I read “Today, the nation’s poverty rates stand at 15.1% which is the highest among the developed nations across the world.” Again, there is no source cited. This figure does not fall under the common knowledge exception.In both cases, you are plagiarizing–using other people’s information or ideas without attribution.I see you have not looked at the page “final paper modeled and explained” which you can find at the bottom of the week six material. I suggest you take a look at it.

Its my final exam, please follow all the attached instructions
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