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The questions below may seem a little unclear to you, but when you browse through the attached file it may seem clearer.I have an file attachement that I have previously completed on my initiatives; so the tutor assisting me can better understand the questions below:

1. Write a short narrative explaining how you will evaluate your initiative, including:
a. Your initial assessment – “State of Now”
b. Identification of success – What are you hoping to achieve in measurable data driven outcomes?
2. How you will evaluate and report your outcomes – How will you celebrate your successes?

3.Your plan for growing and sustaining your initiative

Please cite at least 2 credible sources, so I can do more research with these sourses.




preview of the answer..

There are various reasons which make teenagers drop out of schools. These reasons range from moral to economical. However, there are several initiatives that can be undertaken to reduce the current rate of high school drop-outs in our society. One way of undertaking these initiatives is through team work. This ensures that the whole society participates in encouraging our young people to go on with their studies despite the hurdles they face. Through my …

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