Power in Organizations Revision

Power in Organizations Revision

I need you to look over it. I cannot continue to lose so many points. In his correction he keeps deleting some of your “that”

The areas where the points came from is Demonstrates college-level proficiency in organization, grammar, and style

Also, Critical Analysis

I need you to honestly read over this paper and correct all grammar and bad writing style. Also, check your critical analysis and choice of word usage. The teacher is very annoyed with your usage of “THAT” he took off one point for each. He said “THAT” is an issue but there is much more to consider, so he suggested I go to the writing center for help.

I sent this paper to my writing center to have a look at. I will send you the feedback of the review. This will show you where in the paper you need to address. feedback attached. revise everything.

fix all the above revision requirements. Edit sentence by sentence to fix the grammar issue, and correct where u use ‘that’

Answer Preview…………….

APA 1434 words