prepare a patient educational material on the assigned material: Heart Failure Pathophysiology

Heart Failure Pathophysiology

Nur 4641 Adult Health II

Clinical Assignment 2

Heart Failure



The students will:

  1. Will prepare a patient educational material on the assigned material. (I was assigned to Heart Failure – pathophysiology)
  2. Present the selected material at the appropriate grade level (4-6th grade reading level) per Microsoft Word.
  3. Share the material with peers in an accurate, clear, and concise manner.
  4. Provide constructive feedback to the student presenting the material.



  1. The students will be assigned a topic by the clinical faculty. (I was assigned to Heart Failure – pathophysiology)
  2. The topic should be presented the educational material in a written form (1-2pages) that can be discussed with a patient in 10-15 minutes.
  3. Material should be written in a 4th to 6th grade reading level per Microsoft Word. (Hint: to check reading level on Microsoft word go to file-options-proofing-readability).
  4. Content should contain the pertinent information for basic understanding by the “patient”.
  5. A post conference time may be used to review the materials with peers. Peer feedback will be encouraged.


Topic Assignment:

Heart Failure


DO NOT WRITE ABOUT THESE TOPICS because different people in my group have them:

  • -life style changes
  • -monitoring weight, BP, pulse
  • -medication to manage HR (beta-blocker, furosemide, potassium, dobutamine, milrinone, ACE inhibitor, angiotensin receptor blockers, digoxin, hydralazine, nitrates). Material will include at least 3 drug classes.


Assessment and Grading:

This is worth 100 pts and 5% of your grade.  Please see the course calendar for due dates.  There will be no extensions on the dates.  


Resource Requirements

You must have 2 references. Only one reference can be a required program textbook (Potter and Perry, Brunner and Suddarth, etc.) Other references must be credible clinician-oriented references, or patient-oriented references (UpToDate, professional nursing organization, professional medical organization, governmental site, etc.) Be sure to use only the clinical-oriented references on credible sites.


Note: This assignment will be submitted through Turn it In.


Grading Rubric

Criterion Points Earned Mastery=4 Proficiency=3 Developing=2 Beginning=0
Content of the teaching material /4 Complete and accurate; all major and minor points included Mostly complete and accurate; one or two minor points not included Somewhat complete and accurate; one major point and/or many minor points not included Wholly inaccurate or not included
Written material /4 Well organized; readable at 4th to 6th grade level; visually appealing Mostly organized; readable at over 6th to 8th grade level ; visually clear Somewhat organized; readable at over 8th to 10th  grade level; visually boring poorly organized; readable over 10th grade level; visually painful
References /4 1 credible references and text book used 1 references and text book used text book used No references
APA, grammar, usage, punctuation /4 0 to 2 unique APA errors

Uses correct grammar and punctuation

Appropriate language that enhances reader understanding

3 to 4 unique APA errors

Mostly uses correct grammar and punctuation

Some inappropriate language that obscures minor points

5 to 6 unique APA errors

Usually uses correct grammar and punctuation

Some inappropriate language that obscures important points

7 or more unique APA errors

Many instances of incorrect grammar and punctuation


Language unnecessarily convoluted and consistently obscures meaning

Total:  points earned / 4 = X.XX = conversion to 100 points as indicated below = XX%

 Answer preview…………………….

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